Jamie played at our wedding ceremony in Sand Creek in November and helped me choose songs beforehand on her website. She promptly replied to my calls and messages and was so professional and kind. The music was beautiful at our ceremony and I highly recommend her if you are looking for a harpist for your event.
- Allison & Tom
November 18, 2017
Client Testimonial

'My husband and I got married on October 28th 2017. From beginning to end Jamie was amazing! She was always available for questions. Her music is incredible! During our ceremony she played our favorite songs and everyone loved her music. The harp is so elegant and truly made our ceremony stand out. Thank you so much Jamie for playing so beautifully!'
- Amanda Lopez
October 28, 2017
Client Testimonial

'I just wanted to say “Thank you so much!” You played absolutely lovely! Your music kept me pretty calm throughout the ceremony, I kept concentrating on you. You were my secret surprise to everyone. My husband, Tony, said that it was a lovely surprise to have live music. My son said that he couldn’t stop watching you play, and he thought that it really enhanced the ceremony, he was pleasantly surprised as well. I had many, many guests asking about you!'
- Wynette Archer-Justin
May 27, 2017
Client Testimonial

Beautifully played music by Jamie at our wedding ceremony! Jamie is very professional, she was on time, and very responsive to any questions we had preparing for the big day! Thank you Jamie for being a beautiful part of our wedding day!
- Renee
November 19, 2015
Client Testimonial

'I want to thank you for the awesome job you did at my wedding! Guests thought you were great.'
- Susan & Chris
November 07, 2015
Client Testimonial

Beautiful music, made the ceremony so lovely. Thank You Jamie for your contribution. So enjoyable and will always remember your heartfelt performance. Thank you from the Bride's Mother. You're a true musician and any wedding would be even more beautiful with your presence.
- Vickie, Mother of the Bride
August 01, 2015
Client Testimonial

You did an AMAZING job and made our ceremony very personable. So many compliments on your harp and talent!!!! I'm glad you met Rusty and sorry I didn't get to meet you, but am thankful to have had you perform in our ceremony!
- Beverly & Rusty
August 01, 2015
Client Testimonial

Thank you Jamie! The music was so beautiful and such a wonderful compliment to our ceremony! Thank for helping us celebrate our special day!
- Pat & Ed
July 31, 2015
Client Testimonial

Jamie did a wonderful job playing during our wedding ceremony! It unfortunately rained (more like poured!!!) on our wedding day and our outside wedding had to be changed to a completely different location inside a tent. Although the location wasn't ideal and it was extremely packed inside the tent, Jamie's music was amazing! She went with the flow and we couldn't have been happier! I would strongly recommend her! Thanks again Jamie!
- Rachel
May 30, 2015
Client Testimonial

I just wanted to say thank you again for providing the elegant touch to our wedding day. I appreciate all that you did and I so grateful for you playing. It was beautiful and such a perfect day. :)
- Kristen
September 27, 2014
Client Testimonial

Jamie, you are an amazing Harpist. We had Jamie for our wedding on September 20th and highly recommend her; she would be great at any event!!!
- Dawn & Timothy
September 20, 2014
Client Testimonial

Thank you so much for doing what you do!!! You were very professional and a true pleasure to work with. You will truly be my first to contact of anyone is in need of what you provide.
- De Anna, wedding planner
September 14, 2014
Client Testimonial

We loved that you were so easy to work with and that we were able to pick some of our favorite songs from your repertoire as well as including your wonderful music choices! Your talent really added to our outdoor wedding and we received great feedback from our guests! Thank you so much for being part of our special day! Again, thank you so much for everything! You did such a wonderful job!
- Laura & Ryan
August 02, 2014
Client Testimonial

Just want to thank you so much for your beautiful music & lovely sounds of the harp. You certainly had a lot of compliments from everyone telling me how beautifully you play the harp. Thanks again!
- Trish Howard, Mother of the Bride
October 18, 2013
Client Testimonial

Beautiful performance on Sunday. Thank you for being part of our day!
- Doreene Derenzo
September 29, 2013
Client Testimonial

Jamie's beautiful harp music was the perfect choice for our outdoor wedding ceremony. I can't think of a better way to complement the natural sights and sounds at Taltree Arboretum. Jamie was very accessible, always responding quickly through email. The samples on her website were very helpful and made it easy to select our songs.
- Janna Carney Moran
June 29, 2013
Client Testimonial

Everyone loved your music and we're so happy we had a harp! I was finally able to watch my wedding video and you did amazing work! Your beautiful music set the mood and tone of the day and made our day special! Thank you for being part of our day! Thank you again and I will be recommending you!
- Jessica & Mark
June 22, 2013
Client Testimonial

You did such a fantastic performance!! I could not ask for a more perfect day thank you for being part of it.
- Christina Singleton
June 16, 2013
Client Testimonial

Thank you so very much for sharing your talents and making my daughter's wedding an occasion to remember...I was too nervous to truly enjoy the music but heard from many many guests that you added such a beautiful touch ....thank you...thank you...thank you!
- Jeanne Unterfranz, Mother of the Bride
November 03, 2012
Client Testimonial

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your performance at our wedding. The music was simply wonderful. I especially appreciate your work with Sandy to create such a beautiful rendition of ‘What a Wonderful World’. We have received many compliments on your work from our friends and family.
- Sandy & Tim
October 27, 2012
Client Testimonial

It was so nice having you play for our community and staff. We enjoyed every ‘note’ of it. I was pleased that the audience felt free to ask you questions.
- Yvonne D., Demotte Library
September 11, 2012
Client Testimonial

Thank you for making our day so special. Having you play was so perfect for our ceremony. I was so impressed by your professionalism, your music, and your kindness. You were such a joy to work with. At the last minute when I reached out to you requesting a song, you were so kind to try and accommodate me. Although we could not find the song, the fact that you were willing to look and learn it was very impressive and meant a lot to me. You are a very experienced harpist, and played so beautifully!! My husband and I could not have been more pleased. Thanks so much for adding to our special day.
- Renee Gillis
September 07, 2012
Client Testimonial

Everyone loved the music at the ceremony!!! We loved that you were punctual and professional, and able to adapt to any last minute changes (such as going from outdoors to indoors). We also thought the cost of your services was extremely reasonable. The music and sheer presence of the harp completely added to the mood we wished to capture on our special day! Thanks again for everything!!!!
- Cindy & Neal Ipema
July 07, 2012
Client Testimonial

Jamie, your performance was wonderful!!! Thank you SO much! I am so happy about the decision to have harp music for the ceremony, and the selections you helped Cindy & Neal choose were all lovely. When we entered the room, all I heard was the harp -what a feeling! I heard from many of our guests about beautiful you played, and how much it added to the reverence of the ceremony. Again, thank you! I will definitely recommend your services in the future.
- Janice Poleziewski, Mother of the Bride
July 07, 2012
Client Testimonial

Thank you so much for playing at our wedding! It truly added the perfect touch of elegance to our special day. Your music was absolutely beautiful, as well as classy. When we look back at our wedding day years to come we will always remember the elegance and beauty that you brought with the breath taking music that you play on the harp!!
- Jen & Moises Hernandez
April 28, 2012
Client Testimonial

We can't thank you enough for the classy touch you added to our most special day! Everyone was so impressed with your talent!! We would recommend you to anyone for any special occasion! The harp just added so much to our day and we were so pleased with everything! Thank you so much again!!
- Eric and Laura Sell
September 17, 2011
Client Testimonial

Thank you so much for being part of our wedding. We received so many compliments on your music. It was beautiful for me to have finally heard your music for the first time as you began playing our unity candle music and you really exceeded our expectations.
- Angela and Jeff Gang
September 10, 2011
Client Testimonial

We were so happy that we chose Jamie to play at our wedding ceremony. The music was absolutely beautiful and we had a number of comments from our guests about how much they enjoyed it. Jamie was also great to work with before the wedding in planning our music. She played a number of songs for us and had lots of suggestions, which was very helpful to us. I would definitely recommend Jamie to other couples who are looking to add beautiful music and a classy touch to their wedding.
- Maggie and Chris
August 20, 2011
Client Testimonial

I just want you to know that I am so appreciative of the work you do. Your playing and instrument are just beautiful. There are no words to express my gratitude for you making our day as elegant as you did.
- Jennifer and Bill Kanost
June 16, 2011
Client Testimonial

Thank you so much for the beautiful music you provided for our wedding. I had lots of great feedback from my guest who said the harpist was a elegant touch to the ceremony.' The music was lovely and Jamie was great to work with. She was very kind and soft spoken. She even played extra due to my maid of honor running 30 minutes late! Thank you again Jamie for your wonderful music and job well done!'
- Corinne and Jonathan Nieves
April 30, 2011
Client Testimonial

Thank you for playing at our wedding, you were great!! :)
- Violet MacLeod
July 31, 2010
Client Testimonial

We were happy that we chose Jamie as our ceremony musician. Not only is the harp a beautiful and captivating instrument, but it produces an elegant, lovely sound that is perfect for weddings! We received many compliments from our wedding guests. What I liked best about Jamie was her level of dedication to my event. Two of the songs we wanted to use for the bridesmaids and Bride's processional were not originally in her repertoire, yet she graciously offered to spend the time and effort to learn these pieces so that our ceremony would be just the way we wanted it. She practiced for months, making sure she was well-versed with the new songs. A few days before the wedding, she played the two new pieces for us, and while she played, I imagined the ceremony procession in my minds eye. Hearing the beautiful music that would be playing as I would walk down the aisle actually made me a little teary-eyed! She did a fabulous job, and I was very pleased with the final result. Jamie is responsive to emails/calls, organized, dependable, and talented. I recommend her enthusiastically.
- Christina & Daniel Fitch
March 01, 2010
Client Testimonial

Jamie, thank you so much for all your help in planning and performing the music at our wedding ceremony. You were flexible, easy to work with and eased my mind when so many other things were going on. I've received many compliments about you and the wonderful job you did. We were extremely happy on how well everything turned out. You added a perfect touch to our wedding. Thanks again for such a great job in making our wedding day so special.
- Mr. & Mrs. Yagelski
November 07, 2009
Client Testimonial

I have had many compliments from family & friends regarding your performance… She was so lovely'...'What a neat idea! Such a nice change for wedding music'...'I love harp for a wedding'...'She was great elegant & subtle'...Thank you so much!'
- Niccole D. Anderson Schelling
July 18, 2009
Client Testimonial

Thank you so much for playing at our ceremony! It was just the right touch of ambiance for an outdoor wedding [at the International Friendship Gardens]. We had so many guests compliment us on such a great musical choice. Not only did you sound amazing, but the harp itself is such a gorgeous instrument and looked fantastic sitting up front by the altar. THANK YOU so much for making our wedding day a day we will never forget!
- Monica & Anthony Shields
June 13, 2009
Client Testimonial

Harp music adds eloquence to any special occasion; but it is particularly special at a wedding. The weather cooperated and the surroundings at Taltree Arboretum were just lovely. The soft music of the harp added just the right touch. I certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a harpist, whatever the occasion may be.
- Rita Lindley, Mother of the Bride
(Bride Kristin, pictured left, with new husband, Derek)
May 30, 2009
Client Testimonial

Jamie played beautifully for our Oct. 4, 2008 wedding and added so much to the mood for our reception. Many people commented on her wonderful selection of music and talented playing. She was professional from beginning to end and it was a pleasure working with her.
- John & Mary Conlisk
October 04, 2008
Client Testimonial

Jamie was very friendly and easy to work with. She played very beautifully and professionally. She was flexible to all our musical requests and had a wide selection of music for us to pick from and was helpful with making song suggestions. It made our wedding that much more unique.
- Nell & William Mick
September 29, 2008
Client Testimonial

Jamie performed a few times for our women's group at various functions and everyone enjoyed the music immensely. It was very relaxing at dinner to hear the soothing music of the harp. Jamie plays the harp with grace and beauty, and it reflects upon the whole audience and room. She is great to work with right from the beginning from booking to the end. I highly recommend Jamie for any harp-playing at an event you may have.
- Stephanie Kinkade
September 15, 2008
Client Testimonial

Jamie has played for me many times over the years and she's always been very professional well prepared, very musical and a pleasure to work with. She and her harp can make any event special and something that will be remembered.
James Ball
Music Director and Conductor, Tecumseh Pops Orchestra
Director of Orchestral Activities, Albion College
- James Ball
Music Director and Conductor, Tecumseh Pops Orchestra
September 01, 2008
Client Testimonial

We used Jamie for our wedding at deep river county park in the gazebo. She played beautifully and she is so friendly and nice to deal with. Very reasonably priced too. She was amazing.
- Alyssa Krankvich
June 07, 2008
Client Testimonial